Supportive Care (Studies)

Patients aged 6-18 years with a hematological, solid, or brain
malignancy, who will start – or started within the last three weeks
– with chemotherapy in the Princess Máxima Center.                         SENSORY-2

Fosaprepitant naÏve patients receiving a moderately or highly
emetogenic chemotherapy agent/regimen or a chemotherapy
agent/regimen not previously tolerated due to vomiting.                       MK0517-045

Patients with a hematological, solid or brain malignancy,
4-18 years old before the start of treatment with chemotherapy
in the Princess Máxima Center.                                                            ENERGICE

Patients aged 0-19 years who will receive
intravenously administered chemotherapy
and are treated with (fos)aprepitant and/or
dexamethasone plus granisetron/ondansetron
as standard of care, who will have a central line
in place to sample blood for PK.                                                          (Fos)Aprepitant PK pilot

Patients aged between 2 and 18 years, having a
venous catheter (or blood is drawn for regular
patient care) who are treated with at least 1 of
the 9 drugs of interest.                                                                         PROTECT

Patients aged 3-18 years, treated according
to the medium risk ALL treatment schedule, 
in the second part of maintenance phase
(after cessation of asparaginase), with
clinically relevant dexamethasone induced
neurobehavioral side effects.                                                               DEXADagen-2

Participants (patients and healthy controls), at least
8 years old and able to undergo MRI without general
(Patients treated according to DCOG ALL-10
or ALL-11, and received ciprofloxacin during treatment).                     MRI Ciproxin