Overige protocollen

A prospective longitudinal observational registry study
 (cohort A,B,C) and a retrospective chart review in
the first year of fertility care after opening of the 
Princess Máxima Center (cohort 0), in girls aged
from 0-18 treated in the Princess Máxima Center.                             PAREL

A prospective observational pilot study to assess the
extent to which early, subclinical cardiac dysfunction 
can be identified with advanced echocardiography
and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques
in children receiving anthracyclines and/or radiotherapy 
as part of their cancer treatment.                                                        EARLY

An investigator-initiated, mono-center, open-labelled
randomized controlled trial to investigate efficacy of
a lock solution containing taurolidine, citrate and heparin
for the prevention of tunneled central line-associated
bloodstream infections in pediatric oncology patients
who will receive a tunneled CVAD.                                                     CATERPILLAR

A prospective explorative, pilot-study investigating the 
accuracy of 18F-mFBG PET-CT in the detection of
neuroblastoma sites, compared to the current imaging
standard, 123I-mIBG imaging in pediatric patients with
a (clinical suspicion of) neuroblastoma.                                               MFBG-PET-CT

Near-infrared fluorescence imaging using indocyanine
green (ICG) as a diagnostic adjunct to improve
standard-of-care sentinel lymph node procedure
in paediatric patients with melanoma or sarcoma
of head/neck/trunk or extremities: a feasibility trial.                             Near-Infrared  

Cancer In Pregnancy – Long term follow up of children                     CIP
and adolescents born to mothers diagnosed with cancer
during pregnancy.

Pediatric patients with COVID-19 who present at the                        COPP
emergency or outpatient department and/or are                           
hospitalized in a hospital in the Netherlands.                               

A prospective observational study of patients aged                           (FOS)APREPITANT PK
0-19 years who will receive intravenously administered
chemotherapy and are treated with (fos)aprepitant
and/or dexamethasone plus granisetron/ondansetron
as standard of care, who have a central line in place
to sample blood for pharmacokinetics. 

Children (0-18 years old) newly diagnosed with a brain                    KIZZ study
tumor in the Netherlands between 2019-2021

A prospective observational study of patients aged                          PINOCCHIO
0-17 years who will receive various, intravenously
administered, classes of chemotherapeutic agents used
in children with several subtypes of cancer as standard
of care to study the population PK of those agents.

Pediatric patients with selected advanced hematologic                    Ponatinib
malignancies or solid tumors.

A prospective observational study for identifying                               SO-PEWS
critically ill children in patients ≤18 years of age
admitted to pediatric oncology ward not for routine
diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and no
patients with restriction in care (palliative patients, 
do not resuscitate / no PICU admission orders).

Children (below 18 years) who are diagnosed with                           THYRO-Dynamics
leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma, brain tumors or treated
with stem cell transplantation in the period 2019-2021
in the Princess Máxima Center.